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  • Redefine Real Estate - - - There Is A Better Way!

    I started thinking, why do my customers need to over pay to sell their homes.... Do they really need to pay for the big name brands, the brokers share, and all the overhead that causes the high costs to sell their home? Do I really need to pass all these costs directly to my clients? What if - I could give them what they wanted, but do it at a price that made everyone (well maybe not the big brands) feel good. I knew I could provide exceptional realty services while removing the things my clients didn't want to receive/pay for.


    I'm excited to share that I have found a way to do what I love - bring people and homes together, while not overcharging for it.


    I really did find a better way to sell real estate! If this concept resonates with you, read on to help me redefine real estate.


    If this isn't for you, I do offer the traditional way of selling real estate, but at a lower % than most. Visit my other website www.HindsonRealty.com for information and consideration of those services.


    Either way - I'm hopeful that I can bring an extra bit of happiness to your day.

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    Take a look at the infographic above, it visually shows how traditional real estate commissions are broken down. As you can see, the buyer and seller agents are required to split their commission with their respective broker. Please note the above is an example. The % split could be higher or lower and the total commission paid by you the seller could be higher or lower as well. Commission should always be negotiated! See Resources - FAQ to learn more about commissions.


    When you see this old model, you see how a traditional real estate agent is typically stuck between a rock and a hard place. They really are not in a position to offer a much better commission % to their clients because they unfortunately don't have much to work with in the first place!


    When you look at the traditional broker - the typical old fashioned real estate world has these big name brands where the broker pays a lot of money to that brand in order to use the brand. They also have a brick and motar location, which costs a considerable amount of money. It is clear where a lot of the money goes. What doesn't make sense - is why any of us have to buy into that old way of doing things. Why must we pay way more than we should to buy and sell real estate.

  • Are you ready to tip the scales in your favor?

    If you are saying YES!!! - & I mean HE... Double Hockey Sticks YES!!! I have some great options for you.

  • Service Choices

    The following options are Flat Fee - Paid Up Front options for listing your home for sale. As mentioned above, if paying a Flat Fee up front isn't for you, I do offer the traditional pay nothing up front and only pay a commission at closing way of selling real estate, but at a lower % than most. Visit my other website at www.HindsonRealty.com for information and consideration of those services.

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    Savvy Saver


    • All listing paperwork completed online for ease and convenience - including state requirements
    • 6 months of home appearing on all online home listing channels for full exposure to sell your home quicker | I do this work for you so no data entry required for your home to appear on all MLS, IDX feeds, all broker websites, Homes, HomeSnap, RedFin, Realtor, Consumer & 3rd party sites
    • Seller guide to help with staging, photography, writing listing details, selecting sale price, & making a decision about how much to offer as a buyer's agent fee
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    Elite Saver


    Everything in Savvy Saver and these extras-

    • Email blasts, phone calls, and interface with Broker and Realtor community to promote your home
    • Scheduling all private showings and handling questions from buyers, brokers, and agents
    • Additional online and in print marketing provided- Virtual Tours, Social Media Marketing, Mobile-Enabled Personal Website, Text Codes, Listing & Marketing Flyers, and exposure of your home in both Digital & Hardcopy Magazines  - see more details in Marketing Samples
    • Consult with you on everything, provide referrals for professionals (home stager, painter, etc.), and assist with the process from start to finish.
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    Full Consultant


    Full Service Option for a flat fee-


    All the services above including handling the costs and services related to professional photography, flyer/brochure, post card mailings, online advertising, print ads, installing a sign in yard, negotiating a contract, escrow, inspections, post inspection pest/repair request negotiations, and appraisal process with lenders.

  • Marketing Samples

    Click here to learn more about additional marketing available to sell your home.

  • How It Works

    Check out Resources - FAQ for more information



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    Flat Fee Listing Services

    Flat Fee Listing Services

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    I'm 100% virtual, which allows me to offer exceptional services at a low cost to my clients and customers.

    If you want to meet in person, I live, work, and play in LWR (Lakewood Ranch) Florida

    Visit www.HindsonRealty.com to learn more about me and LWR.

    Looking forward to working with you and chatting soon!

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